Top of the Dome 7 – Photographic Review*


“These artists got so creative. Never thought you could tweak a skull a hundred different ways. From graf to jewels to esse skulls, how dope.” -Ani Yapundzhyan

The following photos are what Ani calls her “skull rant” from Crewest‘s Dia De Los Muertos art show in DTLA:

Two of the illest skulls of the entire skull show:

Different as night and day: skulls

When skulls cry…

This skull is a WyldeFlower creation. Please peep the detail:

Sideview of @WyldeFlower‘s skull:

Krylon skull! Whaaat?

The Crewest gallery.

Look into its eyes…

I just called…to say…I skull you….

My eyes have seen you…

Hands down, my favorite skull from the entire art show.

I conclude my skull rant with this question: Do you bang with the Red or do you bang with the Blue?

All words and photos taken from Aninomous twitter feed*

+++++++++++ | The show runs until November 28th, 2010. Crewest: 110 Winston Street Los Angeles, CA 90013-1424 (213) 627-8272

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