Friday, 3.25.16 @ The Virgil | No Cover | 7p-1a


a monthly musical potluck celebrating music lovers and their record collections in revolutions of nine.

each month at “nueve” (nine) brings together the record collector / selector / DJ / music lover, etc., creating an open/free platform for sound exchange in 9 record rotating sets*


7pm-1a – “Hey Ladies” Edition feat. DJ Rashida, Gaby Hernandez, Shiva, Sofie, Leems, Novena & more!
no cover | drink/sound specials
| rotating 9 record sets*
curated/hosted by: wyldeflower

final [vinyl] fridays*
@ The Virgil :: 4519 Santa Monica Blvd LA, CA 90029

*everyone is welcome to bring 9 records to share or simply your ears, stop by, tune in and join the musical conversation every final friday!

△9 = highlighting delta/change and the full cycle/completion 360º 3+6+0=9*

inspired by Carlos Niño’s 360º record potluck | co-curated by Novena Carmel.


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